About Us

With over 100 years´ experience competing in the diverse and demanding European market, Primus has been built on the solid foundations of purposeful innovation and a passion to help our customers get ahead in laundry. We develop industry leading, eco-friendly laundry solutions characterized by incomparable efficiency and stylish design. Ultimately, our goal is to produce maximum efficiency with minimum fuss, while making optimum use of resources.

As part of the Alliance Laundry Systems network, Primus has access to all the expertise and resources of the world´s largest commercial laundry manufacturer. Alliance has invested more than USD300 million in R&D in recent years to deliver faster, easier and, in general, better laundry. Primus benefits from the immense global network of Alliance with 14 strategic locations worldwide and over 1,200 specialist commercial laundry distributors.

Out of history
Launch of MXB Barrier Washer Range
Acquisition of Primus by Alliance Laundry Systems
Acquisition of Deli Machinery China
Launch of FX Washer-Extractor Range
Move to Current Plant in Pribor, Czech Republic (750,000 ft²)
New Plant Opened in Fulnek, Czech Republic
Acquisition of Gladel Laundry Equipment, Specialists in Ironers and Hygienic Washing Machines
Launch of Softmount Machines
Focus on Commercial Laundry Equipment
Primus Founded
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